Monday, August 22, 2011

Grandparent Love

This layout is for the Signature Accent challenge. I was stumped at first, thinking that I don't really have a signature accent that I use on each page. It dawned on me that my pages do have recurring elements, so I decided to go with that. I used my favorite paper line, Basic Grey. They offer beautiful patterned paper! I also used a favorite technique: inking. Most of the paper I use has inked edges. I like the way it helps things stand out against the background. Next, I chose my tried and true favorite shape, a scalloped circle. Marvy Uchida makes several sizes of scallops that can stand alone or be layered - love their punches the best!

Normally, I don't go in for oval shapes in my photos - that's very "old school"! But in this case, I did have an oval frame left from the front of a pad of decorative paper I'd bought. I cut out all the pretty parts from the cover that I thought I might someday use, and stuck them in my drawer units that I keep for small scraps of paper. The frame seemed just right for this, so being the greenie that I am, I enjoyed finding a use for it! I also used a couple of rub-ons, which can be fabulous or terribly frustrating. I've learned that it pays to buy quality rub-ons - the cheap ones will just make you mad, and you'll end up throwing them in the trash!

I noticed with this layout that I'm seeing a lot of the same placement of photos and elements on my pages. I seem to gravitate towards that lower right-hand corner of the page. I guess that means that I'll have to work extra hard to keep from getting into a rut! I've still got several challenges to go, so I'll have to try to mix it up  a bit.

Till next time!

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