Thursday, November 15, 2012

I've Been Published!

Once upon a time, long, long ago....well, actually it was September of  2011. I sent in a piece of artwork in my first attempt at being published in an art magazine. I had no idea what kind of chance I stood, but I decided to give it a try. If you'd like to read the post I did at that time, click here. The original theme/challenge was published a while back, so I knew it didn't make that cut. They let you know up front that they may keep the art for a while and publish it in one of their other art magazines.I have long been a fan of several of Stampington's publications, so to me this is a big deal! (For more about Stampington and their many publications, click here.)

After this much time had passed, though, I began  to wonder if I should contact them to be sure I could get my original back. It was a complete surprise to me yesterday when I received an advance copy of the Winter 2013 edition of Somerset Studio Gallery. At first I couldn't figure out why it had come in the mail until I looked more closely at the cover sheet packaged with it. I was quite excited then, and quickly paged through until I found it! Wow! It had my name and everything!! The magazine will be on the stands beginning December 1.

I have received so many encouraging comments from family, friends and coworkers as I've shared this news. Everyone has been so kind, and many have suggested that I consider other venues for sharing my work. Thank you, everyone for such great support! And thanks to Stampington for including my work!

Till next time,

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Gio said...

Ciao Immi, congrats on being published!!
Usually you get your pieces back in a couple of months ( if you attached the money ;-))

I wish you a very joyful festive season!