Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Feathering My Nest

Hello! I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted, but I'm ready to start getting back into it. Having recently moved, I'm still hard at work thinking and imagining how to make this new home reflect our tastes without breaking the bank. I've been having some fun with small projects to accomplish that goal, so as I complete things I'll share them with you.

First up is a project that I like to think justifies a habit that doesn't make any sense to my DH (dear husband). Now he doesn't go to a store unless he has a specific goal in mind; I love to browse and see what catches my eye. Many months back, before we knew we were moving, I had picked up a rub-on wall decal meant for the kitchen. It was on clearance, so I didn't feel bad about spending a few bucks on it even though I wasn't exactly sure where I wanted to use it (another thing that DH doesn't understand!). When I got it home, I found a place that it would work, but for some reason I never got around to using it. So, of course, I packed it up and moved it across the country with me!

My new house has lots of cupboards, but almost zero blank wall space. Great storage, but little room to decorate. So the package with the decal sat on the counter for a while, taunting me to find a space and use it. Looking around one day, I noticed that I had one upper cabinet that I thought had enough space on the door for the decal. A quick measure confirmed that it would fit. I should mention that the cabinets are all painted a glossy off-white, so the decal which is wood-toned, would show up well.

Here's the before picture:

I pulled out the decal, and read the directions carefully. The box came with the decal cut into strips and an applicator for adhering  it. After washing the cabinet door and drying it, I taped the sections to the door, and started slowly rubbing it on. It was a little tricky to work with, as  once the liner is removed, you really can't reposition it if you don't like the placement. I ended up with some bubbles that I tried to remove, not altogether successfully.

Here's the after photo:

If I look closely, I can see the imperfections, but all in all, I'm quite pleased with the way  it turned  out. It was inexpensive and fairly quick and easy - all good things! If I ever get tired of it, a hair dryer will loosen the adhesive and  it should come off cleanly (at least that's what the package promises!).

I do love feathering my nest!

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