Thursday, November 14, 2013

Coming Together

This is a case of multiple story threads all coming together, which is a concept I think is so interesting. Tapestries are a great example of how individual threads make something wonderful when woven together properly.

The first thread is Pinterest. I have had so much fun with Pinterest! I'm sure I'm not the only one who has pinned way more things than could ever be tried. Some of those ideas, though, just need to percolate for a while before their time has come. Quite a while ago, I pinned an idea for making two throw pillows out of one king-sized bed pillow. The reason to do it this way is that it would be much less expensive than buying two throw pillow forms at the craft store.

The second thread is the furnishing of my studio. I've been working for months now, searching thrift and antique stores for bargains. I recently bought myself a secondhand rocking chair for the corner of the room I'd reserved for a sitting area. I thought I'd enjoy having a spot to sit and look through my magazines and art books. We set things up so that I would be able to have a TV within view as well. After sitting in it for a while the other day, though, I realized  that it would be much more comfortable with a cushion behind my back. I figured I'd keep my eye open for fabric and make myself a pillow.

The third thread is that the king sized pillows in the shams on our bed have needed to be replaced for a while, but I haven't been annoyed by them enough to get around to it.

The fourth thread is a trip to Hobby Lobby which would be connected to the studio furnishing thread. (Are you confused yet?) I went there thinking I wanted to recover my bulletin board (in the end I decided not to). I noticed some fabric on clearance that I really liked, but I couldn't think of anything to do with it, so I passed it up and headed home. I actually did not buy anything at HL that day - can you believe it?

I kept thinking about that fabric, wanting to come up with something to do with it, and now the threads begin to come together.

It finally dawned on me that I could take one of those old pillows on the bed to experiment with. This was a chance to do something that I'd pinned AND it gave me a legitimate reason to go back and buy some of  that fabric! YES! I also bought replacement pillows for the bed, so I've got plenty of material for some additional pillows.

It turned out to be fairly easy. There was no problem cutting the pillow in half. It was a little difficult to sew the cut edge closed, but once I got past that it was smooth sailing. In no time I had the new cover cut and sewn, and it looks so nice sitting in my chair. The pattern is fun and bright, with colors that work well in here.

Thanks, Pinterest!

Finished Pillow

Pillow Form

Reading Nook
P.S. Thanks, Mom for talking me into buying that lamp!


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