Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Wreath

I decided it was time for a new spring wreath, so I headed to my favorite site for inspiration, Pinterest. There are so many ideas available, and it's easy to get lost looking around. I really liked an idea I saw for a wreath made from a garden hose.

I headed to Walmart and found an inexpensive hose and pair of colorful garden gloves. I took a look at the artificial flowers they had available, but didn't see anything I liked. Then it was off to Hobby Lobby, and lucky for me, all artificial flowers were 50% off! I took the gloves in with me to help me choose colors, and settled on hot pink, yellow and white. I was hoping to find some wired ribbon in orange, but they didn't have any. Instead, I found a spool of bright orange tulle ribbon, which I knew would be very easy to use.

I had some green wire at home left over from other projects, so that's what I used to hold the hose together (it doesn't look very pretty from the back side!). I cut all the flowers apart (they had come in bunches) to make my bouquet. I wired all that together, then placed the gloves on top. I cut three lengths of the tulle ribbon and tied everything together with a big, fluffy bow. After wiring the bouquet to the wreath, it was ready to hang on the door.

This turned out to be a fairly easy project, and only took me part of an afternoon to complete. I'm enjoying the bright colors!

Happy crafting,

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Gio said...

It's marvellous Immi!! And you didn't expect it made of upcycled items, brilliant!