Monday, June 20, 2011


I used to think that doodling was hard. I'd look at that piece of paper, and nothing would happen. I would manage silly looking boxes or arrows, but it never looked interesting at all. I don't know what got me started on this idea, but recently I looked up "doodles" on the Internet. After looking at a few, I thought I'd give it a try. So I got out a sketchbook and a pencil and away I went. I found that the more I doodled, the easier it seemed. I spent most of that evening having such fun, just messing around. 

Black & White Doodle
The next day we were leaving on a trip to attend our grandson's birthday party. I took my sketchbook along with some colored pencils, and amused myself doodling some more. The coloring was enjoyable, but it's rather hard on my shoulder and wrist. (Maybe several hours doing something so repetitive wasn't the smartest idea!) 

Crazy Flower (can you see the doodle birds on the next page showing through?)

Rather than adding color after drawing, on the next doodle I decided to add color to the page beforehand. I sprayed it with some spray inks and let it dry thoroughly before doing any drawing. This one isn't complete yet. I decided to live dangerously  and draw this one with a Sharpie marker rather than pencil. I guess the worst that can happen is that I don't like it and rip out the offending page. I think that for me, the secret to doodling is to start with a large shape or two and go from there. Just getting something on that blank page is a good jump start. I'm thankful that something so simple can be so enjoyable!

Work in Progress

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Sarah Jolly said...

I wish I still had a craft room so I could steal some of these and hang them up!!