Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Long Road to Creative Freedom

I've got two art areas in my home. One is in a spare bedroom upstairs. It includes scrapbooking and stamping supplies, along with files of ephemera. My laptop and a sewing machine live in here as well. In order for it to function occasionally as a sleeping space, there is also a futon (sigh). Most of the time the futon is covered with piles of stuff - empty flat space is very dangerous for me! My other art space is down in the laundry room. This is where I do messy work like painting and embossing.

Both spaces have gotten totally out of hand. I've got way too much stuff, and it's reached the point that I have no creative energy because of the mess.  AND, (true confession time), this state exists after multiple attempts to purge. I tend to be a bit of a hoarder, so it's very hard for me to get rid of anything I MIGHT NEED someday. I also tend to buy things on impulse, so I've got supplies I've never used. But something's got to give. I've decided to try having the mindset that I'm moving across the country. I need to evaluate my stash by asking myself if I really want to pack, haul, and unpack it. The weight of it all is like a ball and chain, and I want some freedom to feel light and unfettered! 

So, my Memorial Weekend project has been to make a start at tackling the area in the laundry room. I forgot to take a before picture of this, but I had about a foot square area to work in because of all the things piled up on my work surface. I started with the cabinets above my work table (the table my husband thought would make a good surface for folding laundry - HA!). I had serving pieces up there that I haven't used in years. I'd lugged them all the way from MN to TX in a move several years ago, and then back to MN again. Sheesh. Ahem. In the interests of honesty, I must add that many of my art supplies have made that same journey. You see my dilemma!

The weekend is about over, and although I'm not done, I've made some good progress. I've set aside things that can be donated, and made myself some room to work. I also did a little labeling of supply drawers, which always makes me happy. My "messy studio" is now much more conducive to work. I now feel more energized to tackle the other area, AND I feel more ready to open up to creativity again!


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