Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blast From the Past

This is my take on the Go Retro Challenge. I recently got these photos when one of my sisters came for a visit, and it was really nice to have an opportunity to use a couple of them right away. These were taken on a family trip to Oklahoma.

We've got it all going on here. Masculine derring-do, and feminine relationships! The photo on the left is a three generation photo. I always think it's special to see families represented this way. The photo on the right shows my son being his typical boy self - love that!

Now that I'm looking at this again, I'm not sure about those green half circles. A little too Mickey Mouse, maybe? I'd have to hate it a lot, though, to go  back and change anything. Most of the time, I accept what I get  and go on.
Here's to enjoying all those great family photos!

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